About Orenkart

Orenkart has been building up end-to-end project and product
delivery lifecycle management flow

Production of plastic and metal cards, business cards, stickers, keyfobs
Official self-service kiosks distributor in Russia
In-house R&D project management
26 years Experience
in the card market
200 million cards per year
production capacity
>2 000 regular customers



• The establishment of “Orenkart”.
Became one of the first cards
manufactures in Russia.
• The start of scratch-cards production.


Scaling to loyalty cards mass production
(more than 1 million cards monthly)


Output has reached 5 million cards monthly.
More than 200 million issued cards.


Production facilities extended
to more than
10 000 m2.


Become an ICMA member


Start of smart cards production


Receive Mastercard and
Visa Compliance Certificates


• Getting a Statement of Quality
approved by Card Quality Management of Mastercard.
• licensing on service provision
in the sphere of data ciphering
by the Federal Security Bureau of Russia.


• Successful Implementation
of the complex project «Social
card of Moscow Region».
• Start of card production for
the European Market.


• Getting a Certificate of Compliance to International
Quality Standard ISO 9001.
• Registration as an approved Card Vendor
in the Russian National Payment Card System MIR.
• Start of production of the dual interface
cards of Visa and Mastercard Payment Systems.


• Issuance of the Qualification Certificate by UnionPay
Certification Body. Getting a Certificate of
• Compliance of the National Payment System of Republic
Belarus BELKART on card production and personalization.


Signature of General Agreement with
the key partners. 1 billion cards produced.


• Extension and modernization of production machinery onsite the facility.
• Start of Inlay Production Line and
high performance machinery for card packaging.


The new wing of the production area completed in February 2019
and put into operation in March 2019.


Top production volume
manufacturer of banking
cards in Russia and CIS.


Start of metal
card production.


Development and production of wearable
payment devices (Stickers, Rings, Bluetooth trackers).

Open up new possibilities of your business with Orenkart

We are committed to improving and expanding our production areas by providing integration of cutting-edge equipment and sophisticated technologies. At the same time, we enhance our service and engage in staff training to help your business grow.

Create your competitive advantage whatever your problems are through our innovative products. We are not just a plastic cards manufacturer but we offer you ready-to-use solutions.

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