Payment Tracker keychain

• Convenient stylish payment keychain
as a compact replacement for a bank card
• Keychain for finding keys and other things

2 different and useful functions of one keyfob

SHERLOCK as a search tracker

Sherlock is a compact Bluetooth tag
that will allow you to find your wallet,
keys, smartphone, any other item.

1. Attach the keychain to the thing
you are afraid of losing.

2. Connect the keychain to the app.

Sherlock as a search device
works in conjunction with the KeyBox application

Available for Android and iOS

More detailed
Pay for purchases in the usual
way in terminals with contactless
payment. Attach the keychain
to the terminal and enter the PIN code
if necessary
SHERLOCK as a replacement
for chip cards

If desired, you can use the keychain not as
a wearable payment device, but as another card,
that you need at hand every day

Fuel card
Loyalty card
Access card
SHERLOCK in different
colors and styles

Stickers in the corporate style
of your company

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