Pay with your phone using StickPay

NFC sticker can easily replace:
• banking card
• loyalty card
• fuel card
• office pass

StickPay is certified
by “MIR” payment system

Why StickPay is more convenient
than a plastic card?
  • Always with you. If you happen to forget your plastic card, our solution is to use Stickpay.
  • Always ready to pay. No need for internet when making the payment. StickPay works even with zero battery.
  • Your personal data is protected. StickPay keeps neither card number nor personal data.
  • Work with all smart phones even without NFC function.
    If your mobile does not have NFC connectivity,
    an excellent alternative to have this is to get a wearable that does.
Thoughtful StickPay
High-quality adhesion layer. Can be reliably applied to your phone’s body.
StickPay adhesive bonding to metal.
Works with a magnet phone case.
StickPay in different
colors and style

StickPay is a small personalized version of a banking card.

Learn more about StickPay.

• Sticker can be related to one card only.

• Types of personalization: DOD,
heat transfer printing (sublimation), laser engraving.

• 2 stickers can be used
on a phone’s body.

StickPay can easily replace
Public transport card
Fuel card
Office pass
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