News / July 2024
Completed certification for the issue of wood payment stickers.
News / June 2024
Launched the production of payment stckers with a compound layer.
News / February 2024
We issued a bank card with a new effect - frame color - a milled cut line along the card edge. The frame shows the colored core of the card and complements the main design.
News / November 2023
Released the first Metal Card for Vologzhanin Bank.
News / September 2023
Pushing the boundaries of card production! Issued cards of payment systems "Korti Milli" for the banks of Tajikistan and "Elkart" for Kyrgyzstan.
News / August 2023
Orenkart LTD is participating in PLUS Forum on September 13th. Welcome to our show-bench No. 41!
News / June 2023
The NFC plates production certification completed. Becoming an NSPK JSC approved vendor of NFC plates.
News / May 2023
Have started to produce Sherlock, stylish keyfobs as a replacement for a bank card, other chip cards.
News / March 2023
Have launched the production of payment stickers, as well as access keys and transport cards in the form of a sticker.
News / January 2023
Have passed certification in JSC NSPK for the issue of metal cards.